OPTIMIZING “BACK TO THE OFFICE” – Strategies and adapting to new leadership challenges

Date&Time: 22 September, 9.00 – 11.00
Venue: Kinnarps Hungary Kft., Váci út 92., 1133 Budapest

How do we attract employees to work again in the office?
What strategies and tools will work best for the hybrid model?
Which are the new opportunities and challenges for leaders in our organization?

Planning and execution of successful ”back to the office/hybrid work”- strategies, will require strong leadership, extensive communication and persistency from leaders.

Thank you Kinnarps Hungary for hosting our larger group of CEOs and HR leaders from Swedish companies and thank you to our experts Gábor Paukovits, Kinnarps, Gábor Mózsik, ABB, András Mikó; Airvent and Zoltán Könczöl, Electrolux for openly sharing their knowledge and views.

Our chairman Thomas Straumits moderated the event and concluded that leaders have to be prepared and properly supported to respond to employee questions/issues ranging from office health and safety measures related to air-quality and vaccinations over to home office and office day regulations with its logistical challenges on top of managing continued motivation and stress management.

Please find attached the public parts of the presentations:

The (not so) silent revolution – What this extended trial of remote work means for businesses, by Gábor Paukovics, Kinnarps
Back to the office – Facilitating a safe return to the office with Airvent’s UV-C FiltAir air sterilizer units, by András Mikó, Airvent
Challenges in introduction of health standards for blue collar employees, by Zoltán Könczöl, Electrolux

While there are many open questions, participants agreed that back to the office/hybrid models also offer leaders with opportunities to reinforce company culture, re-invigorate team work, re-imagine workplace set-ups but also better support employee development and talent retention strategies. We are still in unprecedented times and successful leaders will now have the chance to make a real difference on companies’ performance.

We will continue with related topics, most probably with legal issues in the coming months. We are open towards ideas for topics to discuss or what areas you are interested in more details.

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