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The mission of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary to contribute to the facilitation and development of trade and economic relations between Hungary and Sweden, as well as business and cultural initiatives and activities, and support the members’ interests.


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Based on the success of the last year’s CSR Awareness Week we would like to invite and encourage you to participate in this year’s activity as well commencing on 27 June 2022.

Similarly to last year, we are providing you with the basic information on how to participate in the CSR Awareness Week 2022. Registration will be open until June 22, participation is of course free of charge and additional information and tools will be shared with participants on June 23. Please share this communication with the appropriate team members of your company/association.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an integral part of doing business. However, many times, the information and outcomes of the programs stay internal within the participating entities, missing out on the opportunity to drive inspiration to others.

The concept of a CSR Awareness Week was initiated by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and our Chamber is happy to join and motivate our members to participate. During June 27- July 3, we are encouraging everyone involved in CSR activities in Hungary to join the positive communication flow and use their regular communication channels to raise awareness, visibility and communicate the value of their CSR activities under one joint umbrella logotype and hashtag (see below).

This activity is open to all linked to all companies, associations, business clubs, embassies, chambers and of course the entire NGO sector.

Swedish values guide our companies wherever in the world they are present and active. Sustainability is certainly one of these.
Successful companies see sustainability from a holistic perspective on three levels: business environment, company and people.

We all see the companies’ cautious and responsible operation for the environment which is usually the most communicated and visible. However, it is also essential to operate and participate in the co-creation of a sustainable, predictable economy with recognition of innovation where companies are reliable, long-term partners of the society and their own employees. The pandemic also showed us the importance of implementing sustainable people strategies at all types of companies.

Follow our posts to see the different approaches and aspects of sustainability from the members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary!

Read the Swedish Sustainability Highlights in Hungary 2022 Brochure on the approaches of greenwashing and ESG in both countries!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary has cooperation with two Hungarian organizations who are supporting women and children who face particular difficulties these times.

You are welcome to join the initiative to help NANE Egyesület and UNICEF Magyarország!

After developing the help line using our donations last year, NANE will now expand their online access to serve even more vulnerable women.

UNICEF will continue to develop their mental health program to support children and adults by brining interactive sessions into schools. UNICEF Hungary produced videos using our donations last year to enable adults to understand the mental processes of children during the pandemic: https://unicef.hu/mental-health.



Dávid Illés

Managing Director, Volvo Hungária Kft. 

“It is inspiring to be a part of a community where my company’s Swedish cultural origins are nurtured. The Chamber also provides great opportunities to have energizing professional interactions.”

Erzsebét Galgán

Managing Director, Lindab

“This community is much more than networking. It is a very inspiring group of company leaders where knowledge sharing and sharing of best practices are our passion.”

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