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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary was established in Budapest on October 27th, 1995. The initiative was taken by a number of Swedish companies in Hungary, jointly with the Swedish Trade Council and the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, in response to the expanding economic and commercial relations between Sweden and Hungary.

Today, the Swedish business community is a strong and diverse community of around 130 Swedish companies employing almost 20000 citizens in Hungary. Sweden remains in the top 15 countries of Foreign Direct Investments and is recognized as one of the global leaders in innovation and sustainability. One key strength of our Chamber is the wide range and size of industries and sectors we are representing, ranging from Business to Business (B2B) to full reliance on Business to Customer (B2C) models. There is also a great diversity across industries and experiences which really benefits our community well.

We are here to represent the interest of Swedish companies in Hungary and to ensure that our values and investments are well recognized. An important role of the Chamber is to promote business relations and opportunities between Sweden and Hungary, promote investments and business development of the companies, serve our members, represent their interests and advocate on behalf of them. We are also here to support a professional platform for sharing knowledge and best practices among the members and our stakeholders. The main mission of the Chamber remained unchanged since the establishment, however, the scope of the activities will always be adapted to the actual business climate, needs of the members and new trends.

We will strive to ensure strong partnership with the Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden and the Nordic business community.

We also intend to cooperate with multiple ministries and governmental bodies, universities, the public sector, SMEs and NGOs in some projects.

We have been co-operating with other Chambers of Commerce in areas of common interest. Since 1998 the Chamber has been member in The Permanent Commission of EU-Chambers in Hungary, where we plan to continue to be an active member.

We believe that cooperating with existing and new partners under a Swedish umbrella, working within “Team Sweden”, brings the greatest benefit to our members.

Roland Jakab
President, SCCH

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