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21.10.2020 Swedish Chamber Macroeconomic outlook webinar

OUTLOOK ON THE HUNGARIAN MACROECONOMIC CLIMATE- Challenges and opportunities for a good business environment - WEBINAR,  21 October, 9.30 – 11.00

Experts predict the Hungarian GDP to be back on 2019 levels by 2022

Over the past years the Hungarian financial indicators have exceeded the expectations, however recent challenges with COVID 19 have turned the economy up and down.
The survival of the national economy will depend on the ability of Hungary to appropriately react and proactively mitigate the impacts.
Macroeconomics has always been an important factor to consider for our Swedish companies in our business decisions how and where to invest.

On Oct 21, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce held a well-visited webinar titled ”Outlook on the Hungarian macroeconomic climate”.

Our moderator Péter Felfalusi, CEO of Intrum led the panel across a wide area of pre-submitted questions and topics with three distinguished experts:

  • András Vértes, Chairman, GKI Economic Research
  • Sándor Jobbágy, Senior Macroeconomic Analyst, Concorde Securities
  • Dávid Németh, Senior Analyst, K&H Bank
Macroeconomics focuses mainly on three areas: GDP, unemployment, and inflation. They are managed by governments and central banks, who set the macroeconomic policies including fiscal and monetary policy to stabilize the economy and central banks using monetary policy to increase or decrease the money supply, and use fiscal policy to adjust government spending.

Our experts discussed their views on the national strategies during the 1st and 2nd wave of COVID-19 but also their projections on how the HUF would be impacted by these strategies over the next few years. While inflation in Hungary will continue to be in the 4% range, it is expected that our GDP will be back to 2019 levels by 2022.

What did the experts think about the “new future” after COVID -19?

The answer to that and many more questions can be found on this podcast which will be available for you until Nov 8.

Thomas Straumits

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