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Sweden´s "Tre Kronor" Vs Hungary - Budapest 29/3- 2007

SCCH , congratulates ”Team Hungary”,

to their first ever victory over Sweden´s ”Tre Kronor”, in the friendly icehockey game in a ”sold out” ”Budapest Papp László Arena” on Thursday evening. After 1-1 at the end of the ordinary playing time, the Hungarian team scored in the prolongation of the game and the Hungarian triumph, before an enthusiastic crowd, 2-1 was a fact.

The specially arranged VIP-lounge, for the members of the SCCH and their invited guest, gathered over 180 persons who were served food and drinks during the whole evening. Before the game, both the Swedish and the Hungarian team-coach visited the SCCH lounge and were presented to the guests.
The Chairman of the Swedish Icehockey Federation, together with the Secretary General of the federation visited the SCCH –lounge in one of the intermissions and gave a short summary of the fantastisc development of the Swedish icehockey, in recent years.

An other appreciated guest, in the SCCH lounge, was the newly appointed Swedish Ambassador to Hungary, ms Cecilia Björner, who was introduced to the guests and also assisted during the prize ceremony of a tips-competition, organised and sponsored by one of the SCCH members, the Hungarian Golf Development.
After the game, one of the players from ”Tre Kronor”, Sanny Lindström (Timrå IK) visited the SCCH-lounge and expressed his view on the ”lost game”. He was a obviously a littlre bit surprised that the Hungarian team was so good and he also admitted that this evening they were working a little bit harder than the Swedish. He also praised the Hungarian fans for giving such a good support to their team. After having willingly given his autograhps to and signing a number of various objects from the guests, Sanny Lindström left us to join his team-mates, to get some extra strength for the next game, in Debrecen, on Friday evening.
To summarise the event, we have the opinion that the SCCH VIP-arrangement was succesful and we would like to express our special thanks to the Hungarian Icehockey Federation, who made this arrangement possible and also to their collaborators, hostesess, excellent catering partner and others who served us before, during and even after the exciting icehockey game, which ended in a Hungarian triumph.

Budapest 2007.03.30/nb

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Business Luncheon Sept 21, 2006

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”Grand slam” for the ”Finns” in the 11th ”SCCH Open”

The 11th “SCCH Open”, the annual golf tournament organized by the Swedish Chamber, was played on Saturday, the 3rd of June, at the nice “Golf & Countyry Club” in Hencse.
The “heads” of the organisation committee, Daniel and Rikard Jonsson, managed to gather 21 brave participants, who had to face the worst weather conditions ever in the “SCCH golf history”.
A wet ground, after heavy showers of rain, cold wind and only + 10 C “welcomed” the players (slightly reduced in numbers, due to the weather conditions ?). However, to my experience, golfers are “heroes” - there is no bad weather and there is no golf course which is to far away for a golfer.

Even though the weather improved during the day, the players seemed to be quite happy to reach the “end” of the competition and to come back to the Club-house, to enjoy the warm lunch, waiting for them. The “highlight” of the competition, however, is always, due to all generous contributors, the price-giving ceremony. A table filled with various kinds of prices, from caps, pens and t-shirts to wine and spirits, hotel accommodation and vacuum cleaner, together with the traditional trophies were enough to “reward” all the players.

The new “SCCH Challenge Trohpy” was installed in 2004 and then won by Rauli Rauttanen (IFC), taken “back” to the SCCH by Tamás Bano (Net Travel Service Kft) in 2005 and this year, back to the “Finnish team”, by Harri Ojala (Elcoteq), winner of the “Net Score Competition” (= total score, minus handicap) . Even 2nd and 3rd place was occupied by the “Finns” through Jaakko Tiitola (Elcoteq) and Juho Rytkönen (M-Real).
The trophy for “Gross Score Competition” (=lowest gross score), was won by Tommie Tumba (Hungarian Golf Develpopment) who also won the price for the “Longest drive”.
The “Cloosest to Pin”-competition was won by Attila Vass (Electrolux-Lehel).

All other “winners” were also given prices from the “rich” table and they all had a reason to be satisfied after a successful day on the beautiful golf course in Hencse and we hope to meet them all again in the “SCCH Open – 2007”.

Once again, a special thanks to the main organisers, Daniel & Rikard Jonsson, to the Hencse Golf and Country Club for their kind support and to all players and everybody else who contributed to make this tournament successful.

Budapest 2006-06-03
SCCH Secretariat

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Inauguration-Wine tasting at "Cezar Winery" in Nagrada

SCCH on wine-tasting and elegant inuguration in Nagyrada. On Saturday, May 27th, the members of the SCCH were invited to a combined wine-tasting and inauguration ceremony in Nagyrada, near to Kis-Balaton in South-west Hungary.

A bus ”loaded” with members of the SCCH had, together with hundreds of other invited guests, accepted the kind invitation from the ”Cezar Winery”, for the official inauguration of their new wine processing plant. The guests were received by the owners at an elegant outdoor reception. near to the newly built winery and were all served a glass of ”Cezar Pezsgö”, produced by their factory in Pécs.

After the ”welcome ceremony” the inauguration speech was made by mr. István Csázar, assisted by Ferenc Allo as interpreter. Anders Karlsland, Counsellor at the Swedish Embassy, underlined, in his speech, the importance of the continously growing Swedish-Hungarian relationship in business and trade and welcomed the new investment by ”Cezar Winery”. He wished them good luck, before cutting the ”inauguration band” together with the architect of the project.

The ceremony was followed by music entertainment and a rich and well cpomposed buffet lunch, accompanied with a variety of their nice wines. When leaving the event, the guests were presented a gift-box with samples of the ”Cezar Winery”products, to bring home.

On behalf of all participating members of the SCCH, I would like to express our thanks to the management of ”Cezar Winery” for the invitation and for the possibility to visit the plant and to enjoy their excellent products. Also from the Swedish Chamber we wish you good luck.

The SCCH Secretariat
(SCCH 2006-06-03/nb)

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1st General meeting 2006

The SCCH 1st General Meeting 2006 was traditionally held in Restaurant Gundel on Tuesday the 20th of April. The main issues on the Agenda were the Annual Financial Report for 2005 and the election of the President and the Management Board of SCCH, nominated by the SCCH Election Committee.
Mr János Takács (Electrolux-Lehel) was re-elected President of the Chamber for another two years and the following members will represent the Management Board, also for a period of two years:
Rikard Jonsson (ABB),
Dr. Emese Majorosi (Astra Zeneca),
Nils Borgström (Factory),
Joakim Bergman (STC),
Jan Johnsson (Skanska Property),
Staffan Pehrsson (Ericsson),
Zsolt Weiszbart (IFS),
Gyula Szekeres (AlfaLaval),
Ferenc Doktor (ADOC-SEMIC).

After the session, the members and other invited guests could listen to an interesting presentation made by mr. Ulf Westergård, NIB, on ”Nordic Investment Bank- Financing possibilities in Hungary” and mr. György Szelényi, MFB, on ”MFB Rt. Loan facilities-Local expertise with Nordic flavor”, respectively.

While enjoying the dessert, a special ”guest performance” was given by the Swedish Chamber Choir ”Plica Vocalis”, who made a stop in Budapest on their way to the ”International Choral Competition Maribor 2006”, to entertin the SCCH members, performing with both traditional and modern Swedish and international songs. SCCH Secretariat

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”Safety & Golf”, on SCCH Business Lunch - March 16th

Two interesting topics, introduced by two member companies, on the SCCH Business lunch, in the wine-cellar of Restaurant Gundel on the 16th of March.
Miki Bata, Managing Director of ASPECTIS Kft, who has the aim to become the leading security distributor on the CEE market, introduced his company to the members. For additional information about ASPECTIS and its activity you´ll find on their web-site

The second company on the ”stage” was our latest member, the ”Hungarian Golf Development Kft”, who recently established in Hungary.
Sonny Lundwall, Managing Director of the company, informed about their first project – the ”Csákberényi Golf Resort”. A golf project which is much more than only golf ! A combination of a 18 hole golf course, a 9 hole practising course, driving range, 84 villa lots and much more (3 villa lots an 2 memberships already sold!). Get all information on their web-site and in the enclosed info-material.
An introduction event will be organised for, among others, SCCH members and their families on the 19th of May. A separate invitation will be sent out.

On behalf of all the guests, present at this SCCH lunch, we would like to express our thanks and great appreciation to the two member companies for their interesting presentations.

SCCH Secretatariat

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SCCH Business Lunch, Feb 1st

"The Good, the Ugly and the Beautiful - CSR in Hungary" , was the title of an interesting presentation made by mr. Robert Braun at the SCCH Business lunch in the S:t Órban Wine Cellar of Restaurant Gundel on Wednesday, February 1st.

Mr. János Takács, president of SCCH, gave a short welcome speech and introduced the guest speaker. In the presence of nearly 30 guests, among them the Finnish and the Norwegian Ambassador, representatives of various Nordic companies, EU-Chambers in Hungary and the SCCH members, Mr.Robert Braun, from Braun & Partners Ltd, spoke about "Corporate Social Responsibility" in Hungary. An interesting subject, and new for many of the guests.
The number of questions, put to mr. Braun, after the presentation also confirmed the great interest of the subject.

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SCCH Lucia Day Celebrations 2005

The 11th ”edition” of the SCCH Lucia Day Celebrations was organized on the 13th of December, 2005, in the MÁV ”Railway Historical Park”.

An almost record high crowd, appr. 450 guests, were gathered to celebrate the traditional Swedish Lucia Day Celebrations.
Surrounded by old steam locomotives and classical railway coaches, the guests were enjoying the typical Swedish Christmas foods and drinks.
A somewhat different but nice and interesting environment för a Christmas ”dinner party”.
Thanks to full sponsoring by Electrolux-Lehel and Skanska Propertry, the guests were offered a ride with the ”MÁV Nosztalgia Train”, to reach the venue and taking them directly to the main entrance of the event.
However, before departing from the ”Nyugati Palyaudvar”, and as a nice contribution by ABB and Papyrus, the guests were invited to the elegant ”Royal Waiting Hall” where the traditional ”Glögg & Pepparkakor”, donated by IKEA, was ”warmly”served by the staff of our famous catering partner for the event, RestaurantGundel.

When arriving to the ”Railway Historical Park”, the guests could experience a surprisingly elegant decorated festive hall.
The ”toastmaster” of the event, the SCCH ”treasurer” and vice President, Rikard Jonsson, introduced the President of our Chamber, mr. János Takács, who gave short speech, followed by one of the ”highlights” of the evening – the Lucia procession.
Lucia with her maids and ”star boys” were represented by a group of young students, flown in from the famous university town, Lund, in south Sweden. Together they formed a proffessional choir, singing the traditional Lucia song and a repertoir of Christmas songs and carols, while processing with their hands pressed together in front of them.

One tradition followed by another – after the highly appreciated Lucia ”ceremony”, the delicious Swedish Christmas Buffét, with delicatesses partly imported from Sweden and partly prepared in a traditional way by Resturant Gundel, was served.
No herring without ”snaps”- is an old Swedish saying. This evening the guests could enjoy the taste of the world famous ”Absolut Vodka”, to accompany the spicy herring, smoked and pickled salmon and others.
The ”Absolut Vodka” not only sponsored the ”aperitif” but they also built up a separate ”drink bar” where the guests were generously offered long and short drinks composed with the various ”Absolute” products.

After enjoying food and drinks it was time for our toastmaster to introduce another ”delicatess” of world famous Swedish touch – the ABBA music, performed in a Jazz-version by the popular ”Cotton Club Singers”.

Many of the guests expressed their thanks and satisfaction, after a joyful evening, before they left and disappeared in the dark winter night.

The Management Board of the SCCH will therefore express its thanks to the organizing committee of the event, lead by Miki Bata, and to all members who participated and invited their distinguished guests to the event. A special thanks to our sponsors, ABB, Absolut Vodka, Electrolux-Lehel, IKEA, Papyrus, Skanska Property and also to our catering partner for this event, Restaurant Gundel, - all important ”ingredients” of this successful Lucia event.


More information on the tradition of Lucia celebration

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SCCH 10th Anniversary in 2005

On November 22nd, the SCCH celebrated its 10 years anniversary in Restaurant Gundel, in connection with the 2nd General Assembly.
After the formal annual meeting, the members with their partners and specially invited guests, from the business and political life in Hungary, gathered in the ”Elisabeth Ballroom” for cocktails and snacks.
Among the guests you could also find representatives from the Nordic embassies as well as leading representatives from other EU-Chambers established in Hungary.

The President of the Chamber, mr. János Takács, MD of Electrolx-Lehel, greated the nearly 120 guests and gave, in a short speech, a resumé of the Chamber activities during the 10 years that passed since the establishment in October 1995.

The address by mr. János Takács was followed by a speech given by ambassador Bengt Lundborg, Honorary President of the Chamber, who concratulated to the Anniversary and took the opportunity to inform the guests about a Nordic Cultural manifestation, ”The Nordic Art Show 2006”, taking place in Hungary end of next year.

After the cocktail reception, in commemoration of the event, all guests received a souvenir in shape of a ”snowball” in genuine Swedish crystal, designed by ”Kosta Glasbruk”, one of the many famous glass factories in Sweden.

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Wine tasting programs in Villany and Tokaj

Thank You - Alfa Laval !

On behalf of the participants on the two wine-tasting events, organized by Gyula Szekeres and his team from Alfa Laval, in Villany and Tokaj, for the SCCH members we would like to express our sincere thanks.
We also hope that your efforts, to organizing seminars and attracting the respective wine makers by offering your products and technology, will bring additional business to Alfa Laval.

For those who missed this opportunities and for those who were there, pls find enclosed a photo-gallery from the two, very \"tasteful\" and nice events.

SCCH Secretariat

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