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GRAN PRIZE - As an active player of the Hungarian economy and society and good corporate citizens both the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and its members devote significant resources for charity purposes every year.
Two years ago the Chamber has taken the decision to establish an award to honour those working on outstanding solutions to the most urgent and crucial challenges facing the planet today, in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, human rights, medicine, health protection and development and education yearly once. The GRAN PRIZE awarding committee contents of 3 SCCH Board members and invited delegates of different associations, institutions.
The committee nominates and selects the winner of the prize.

GRAN in Swedish language means Pine, refers to the sustainable and environment-conscious aspects of the prize.  GRAN PRIZE is open to everyone, in compliance with the Swedish consensus-based thinking and intention of Swedish - Hungarian co-operation.

The award is available for individuals, groups, companies, associations, institutions or students, student groups.

SCCH separates an amount of HUF 5 million from its share capital and offers  yearly  interest of this amount for establishment of the GRAN PRIZE, inviting other conscious decision-makers, individuals to donate the prize as well.

GRAN PRIZE Award Ceremony, the GRAN GALA is dedicated to the memory of Carl von Linné, a Swedish naturalist, one of the most appreciated scientists in Europe.

Evaluation criteria of the AWARD:

  • Novelty (innovation, original idea )
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable thinking
  • Environmental care
  • Economic potential
  • Technological aspect
  • Interdisciplinary approach

The shortlisted projects selected during the evaluation process were invited to personal interviews.

The GRAN PRIZE sculpture is an art-piece created by Swedish artist Ann Lundin and Hungarian artist Károly Szász, made of pebble and glass with a pine relief on its top, the amalgam of a timeless survivor with Human touch on innovation. The each year statue should be different but in series of pebble and glass with a GRAN pine relief!

As part of the prize, the awardee received as a token appreciation, a Swedish pine tree, CITRUS ATLANTICUS from the Folly Arboretum founded in 1878, to be planted at the awardee’s alma mater.

Professor Mária Judit Molnár, Vice-Rector at Semmelweis University presented laudation to the winning project.

The Winner’s intellectual journey has taken him to inventing several valuable patents and lectures.

Current invention, GYROSET, development of equipment that will improve the quality of life  for spinal cord injured people, their families and friends.

The Board of Judges were admired and impressed by GYROSET who enables many tetraplegic users to live a much more independent, fuller life. It is impressive how GYROSET headset measures the position of the users head, enabling tetraplegic individuals to control their wheelchairs with head movements in an intuitive manner, providing freedom and ease of usage. It is also very impressive that GYROSET /OMNIPOLAR has integrated services like wireless environment control, speech synthesis, gesture recognition and voice based web browsing.

It possesses remote management of the wheelchair functions from a smartphone.

The development team of OMNIPOLAR presented an outstanding social responsible attitude and strong commitment to provide smart solution to the people who need it. By awarding him and his development team with this award, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary pays its deepest respect for this work.

Márton András Juhász, Omnipolar and Gyroset application. 
NowTechnologies Co., Ltd.

(Download the CV of the 2014 Gran Prize winner)

"The Gran Prize initiative should have modest status in our society" -  said Mr. János Takács, Chairman of the Swedish Chamber at the gran Gala in Gundel. The Chamber expressed its deepest gratitude to the Supporters, ERICSSON, SIGMA TECHNOLOGY, SKF, IFS AND CEZAR WINERY for their generous support and cooperation as well.

Members of the Gran Prize Board of Judges in 2014:

Dr. Miklós Antalovits - Budapest University of  Technology and Economics, Professor

Dr. Miklós Bendzsel - Hungarian Intellectual  Property Office, President

B. Csejtei Ildikó - TV2, Marketing & Communication Director
János Dürr - Club of Hungarian Science Journalists, President

Rita Istiván - Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, Secretary General

Roland Jakab - Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary Member of the Board, Ericsson Hungary, Vice President

Melinda Kamasz - Figyelő, Deputy Editor in Chief, Figyelő Trend, Editor in Chief

Ernő Keszei - Eötvös Loránd University, Former Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Innovation

Gábor Kopek - Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Rector

József Péter Martin - Transparency International Hungary, Managing Director

Dr. Bertalan Meskó - Winner of the GRAN PRIZE 2013, medical futurist, founder of Webicina

Dr. Mária Judit Molnár - Semmelweis University, Vice-Rector

Balázs Nagy Lantos - Mensa HungarIQa, President

Dr. Gyula Patkó - University of Miskolc, Former Rector

István Salgó - Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary,
President, ING, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ágnes Soós - National Institute for Sports Medicine, Director General

Dr. Gábor Szabó - University of Szeged, Rector, Hungarian Association for Innovation, President

Péter Szauer - HVG, President and Chief Executive Officer

János Takács - Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, President 


Was established in Budapest on October 27th, 1995. The initiative was taken by a number of Swedish companies in Hungary together with the Swedish Trade Council and the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken in response to the expanding economic and commercial relations between Hungary and Sweden.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is a non-profit, non-political organisation, a leading voice of the Swedish businesses in Hungary.

The general purpose of the Chamber is to promote and contribute to the development of trade and business relations and business related initiatives and activities between  Hungary and Sweden, to support the business interests of its members. Our task is to stimulate mutual co-operation and friendship between Hungary and Sweden, to encourage trade investments and economic developments and to help our member’s monitor, understand and influence procedures within the Hungarian business community.

Figures and Facts: ( based on 2013 data )

Members ( Ordinary, Associated and Honorary ) : 88
The number of direct employees: nearly 10,000 people
Registered capital: Eur 220 million
1995-2013 investment: over EUR 1 billion

Rita Istiván Secretary General of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary Phone.: + 36 30 9708 433 mail:

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