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25.05.2021 DOING BUSINESS IN THE “NEW NORMAL” - Event summary

4 CEO’s and regional managers from 4 different sectors came together to discuss their leadership journey during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that came with it; Dr. Ágnes Fábián, Henkel Magyarország Kft., Markus Hilken, SAP Labs Hungary, Roland Jakab, Ericsson Hungary, Eva Malá Beluská, IKEA shared their views and experience in transforming their businesses into a new operation. The moderator of the event was Thomas Straumits, President, SCCH.

Panelists quickly agreed that the “new normal” should be defined as a “new better normal” meaning that we need to aim for improvement vs status quo.

Panelists and participants agreed that besides the challenges, the pandemic brought also opportunities. Flexibility, networks and hybrid work schedules are here to stay and we need to be trained for the managing ambiguity and the  unexpected.

A critical requirement will be a renewed focus on employee engagement to re-create the glue and team spirit within teams, reinforce company culture & support employee retention.

 You can watch the whole event here: Doing business in the “NEW NORMAL” - YouTube


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