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A very challenging year is coming to an end

Some will say, 2020 is a year that never existed and therefore should be forgotten. Others will argue that we will probably always remember it.
2020 has brought us learnings of transforming business models, persisting through various restrictions and finding new ways of doing things. We have greatly advanced our digital engagement capabilities and collaboration opportunities in an unprecedented leapfrog year which may not have happened otherwise. Our business leaders have been faced with new challenges on how to enable effective remote working and home office capabilities whilst having to drive continued motivation and team spirit. Others have had to reshape their whole working environment to observe pandemic regulations and to protect their employees and customers. This year has truly been an exceptional year for many reasons.

Despite this, we are proud to see that Swedish companies have stayed true to their values and continued to support their communities through various outreach programs; there have been food donations, educational efforts, infrastructure support & donations and individual employees volunteering within healthcare operations and other sectors. 

This year we celebrate Lucia in a special way and you can join the celebration until 6th of January through our webpage ( When times are tough, those who are already vulnerable are suffering the most. Families, but mostly women and children are in greatest need of our help. In the spirit of what St. Lucia is symbolizing, we donated to two local organizations; NANE for women and UNICEF Hungary for children. If you would like to join our program, please contact us for further information. 

As we are now coming to an end of 2020, I would like to thank our member companies but also business partners for great collaboration and support. Wishing you all some time to relax and recharge your batteries over the next few weeks. 

See you in 2021! 

Thomas Straumits


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