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Gran Prize Planting Ceremony

On 13 November, 2019 after memorable Planting Ceremonies of pine trees in the Alma Maters of the awardees of previous years in the Universities in Budapest, Debrecen and Veszprém, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce planted a donated Cedrus Deodara in Szent István University in Gödöllő.

The ceremony was held in presence of H.E. Dag Hartelius, Ambassador of Sweden to Hungary, János Takács, President of the SCCH, Rector, SZIE, Mr. László Palkovics, Vice-Rector, SZIE, Mr. László Helyes, Gran Prize Awardee, Mr. István Weeber, Tetőhűtés( Waterfilm Technology) and Rita Istivan, Secretary General of the SCCH,  founder of Gran Prize. Cedrus was donated by Folly Arboretum established in 1878.

Please find the pictures attached as well as more information on the Awardees and Planting Ceremonies below:

GRAN PRIZE AWARDEES and their winning projects


Dr. Bertalan Meskó, medical futurist, founder, owner of Webicina - Curation in medicine through crowdsourcing. curates medical social media resources through crowdsourcing with  medical professionals and e-patients in over 140 topics and 20 languages for free. Webicina accurately selects the most relevant, quality and reliable medical social media resources from blogs and Facebook groups to Twitter users and Youtube channels in order to create a curated segment of the world wide web full of verified medical resources.

Planting Ceremony  took place on June 2013. in Debrecen, DE OEC Conference Centre of Science, Kenézy Villa.


Juhász Márton AndrásGyroset, development of equipment that will improve the quality of life  for spinal cord injured, tetraplegic people. This headset measures the position of the users head, enabling tetraplegic individuals to control their wheelchairs with head movements in an intuitive manner, providing freedom and ease of usage.


Professor Noszticzius Zoltán, BME, Solumium, a size-selective disinfectant, which  kills all pathologenes including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses.

Gran Prize Press Conference was held in the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. The successful media event was opened by the SCCH President, Mr. János Takács, the President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Mr. Miklós Bendzsel  welcomed the media representatives present.

Planting Ceromony  of Cedrus Atlantica was held in the garden of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on 25 June, 2015


Mr. István Kézsmárki and his project, research team, MTA-BME Lendület Magneto-optical Spectroscopy Research Group represented by Mrs. Ágnes Orbán and Ádám Butykai and their  Development of Novel Malaria Diagnostic Methods.

Mr. Tamás Haidegger and his “Hand-in-Scan team” for the development of the Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Scanner. The winning project gives to the users Software-based, objective, personalized feedback on the quality of hand hygiene.


Professor András Guttmann, University of Pannonia, MIK és MTA-PE Translational Glycomics Research Group for the their advancements in Translational Glycomics, especially for their research achievements and development of a circulation cancer cell capture device.

The Chamber organized a Planting Ceremony of a pine tree received from the Folly Arboretum in the presence of Dr András Gelencsér , Rector of Pannon University, Dr Gyula Kovács, Chancellor of Pannon University,  Rita Istivan, Member of the Gran Prize Board of Judges, Secretary General of the Chamber, Dr Mihály Pósfai, Academy Member, Professor of Pannon University,  Dr György Markovszky, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Veszprém, Dr András Guttman, Academy Member, Research Group Leader,  Winner of the Gran Prize in 2017 and Group Members in addition to the media representatives in the park of Pannon University  in Veszprém.


István Weeber, creator of WaterFilm Technology®, became involved with atomising sprinkler systems for flat-roofed manufacturing plants at the request of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Thermophysics Laboratory in relation to the summer heat protection problems of a Csepel paper mill.  His now-patented invention is especially relevant in that EU guidelines for 2020 prescribe an energy savings of 20%, with particular reference to the use of power for cooling and air conditioning. “WaterFilm Technology®” is the first true evaporative rooftop cooling technology based solely on the principle of heat carried away by vaporisation.  The technology results in a significant savings in cooling energy and requires less water than other similar systems.

The removal of organic halogen compounds from waste water

Dr. Péter Mizsey, the University of Miskolc, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and EGIS Pharmaceuticals, the joint research project that resulted in the development and successful implementation of the removal of halogen compounds from industrial waste water, also the full recovery and recycling of organic halogen compounds in concentrated form, facilitating closer adherence to the principles of circular economy.

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