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SCCH Press Breakfast about the Gran Prize Winner

SCCH has taken the decision to establish an award to  honour those working on outstanding solutions to the most urgent and crucial challenges facing the planet today, in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, human rights, medicine, health protection and development and education yearly once.

GRAN in Swedish language means Pine, refers to the sustainable and environment-conscious aspects of the prize.  GRAN PRIZE is open to everyone, in compliance with the Swedish consensus-based thinking and intention of Swedish - Hungarian co-operation.

SCCH separated an amount of HUF 5 million from its share capital and offers  yearly  interest of this amount for yearly GRAN PRIZE award, inviting other conscious decision-makers, individuals to donate the prize and related events as well.

Following the announcement of the Management Board in December of the establishment of the Gran Prize at a successful first Pess Beakfast, preparations for the award had gone into high gear. 

April and May proved to be  busy and eventful months.

The deluge of events started on 12 December with an opening Press event, then continued with second Press Breakfast on May 22, followed by the Gran Gala on 24th May.

The second Press Breakfast announced the WINNER of the GRAN PRIZE in 2013

Venue: Corintiha Hotel Budapest (Budapest VII.,Erzsébet krt. 43. )

On the occasion SCCH reported the facts of 47 excellent tender application submitted, announced the GRAN PRIZE WINNER in 2013informed about continuation of the SCCH award, expressed its thanks to the Board of Judges and the applicants

The SCCH received 47 excellent tender applications from all around the country  ( Budapest, Debrecen, Dombóvárl, Dunaújváros, Körmend, Mosonmagyaróvár, Nyíregyházár, Pécs, Sarkad, Szentendre, Székesfehérvár, Szeged ) and from London.

Applications were submitted by students, research groups and Phd-students of the different universities   (Corvinus, ELTE, BME, Semmelweis), independent individuals and companies.

Criteria of the evaluation:

  • Novelty (innovation, original  idea)
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable thinking
  • Environmental care
  • Economic potential
  • Technological aspect

The Board of Judges shortlisted  5 applications : Biolan, Furniture for everyone, LEDU, 3D in education, Vita Infinita and Webicina

Finally, the Board  selected the winner of the prize.

GRAN PRIZE Award Ceremony was held on 24th May, where the GRAN PRIZE WINNER, Mr. Bertalan Meskó and his application, Webicina  was  awarded at first Ceremony.

The Chamber has been continuing  the Gran Prize initiative, President Mr. János Takács announced to the press on 22nd May.



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