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Leax Hungary

LEAX Group AB, a Swedish company based in Köping, is a supplier of critical components primarily within the heavy vehicle industry but also to the general industry, agriculture, mining, construction, and automotive industry. LEAX was established in 1982 and has since inception grown to over 1,300 employees with production across 10 factories in three continents.

LEAX Group was founded in 1982 by Lennart Berggren and Axel Seger. The name of the company was formed as in many cases in Sweden, using the first letters of the name of the founders: LeAx. The newly formed company started in a small. Quality in all aspects of their work was a driving factor thus they started to operate their quality system according to ISO 9000 at early stages and after this the growth was inevitable:

  • 1989: first acquisition of Åke Olsson Mekaniska
  • 1996: LEAX acquires Kuggservice in Köping and a third "leg" is added to the LEAX Group. LEAX Mekaniska AB is certified according to ISO 9001
  • 1999: LEAX took over the axle production from ABB Motors and the dog clutch production from Arvin Meritor.
  • 2001: first expansions outside Sweden: a new company in Riga/Latvia was established, it is also named LEAX Baltix. They provide LEAX Group and our customers with mechanical components within quality, environment and production technology.
  • 2006: LEAX took over the Falun site from Scania
  • 2008 LEAX Baltix set up its second factory in Latvia, in the city Rezekne close to the Russian border.
  • 2012: LEAX Group expanded footprint outside Europe by opening a manufacturing site in Curitiba, Brazil called LEAX do Brasil.
  • 2013: in order to deepen its competences in gear manufacturing LEAX acquired its site in Detmold, Germany. The subsidiary firstly named LEAX Brinkmann and afterwards LEAX Detmold is mainly producing helical and planetary gear gearboxes for food industry.
  • 2013: LEAX acquires the 4 factories of the Arkivator Group: three in Sweden (Falköping, Tidaholm and LEAX Telekom), one in Hungary (Mezőkövesd) and one in China (Shanghai)

The Hungarian site based in Mezőkövesd was founded in 1970. It was the 3rd site of the famous Csonka János Machinery, who invented the diffuser. The main product was the 150ccm hoe and compressor and airbrake manifold of busses and trucks. After the privatisation, the company got linked to Swedish owners, like Exir group and later Arkivator group. LEAX Hungary got acquainted with the Swedish working style, their commitment to customer service and high quality already at that time, this is what made easier the integration into the LEAX group in 2014.

LEAX group, today a Build to Print machining company is delivering products to many industries like Commercial vehicle (61% of turnover), General industry (21%), Mining and Constructions (7%), Agriculture (7%) and Passenger car (4%). LEAX delivers to approx. 40 countries directly and to over 150 countries indirectly through its customers. The group has clear strategies to reduce their dependency on the Commercial vehicle sector (by balancing the portfolio with increasing share in other industries) and developing and launching new product offerings.

The market trends influencing our business are electrification and sustainability. The main projects the company is working on a state-of-the-art high-tech machining of gear line products like silent gears for electrified cars. If you would like to know more about these projects, feel free to visit our website and contact us.