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Volvo Trucks

Volvo has been producing trucks since 1928 and today the company is one of the largest global medium to heavy-duty truck producer. Volvo trucks have been transporting on the Hungarian roads already since 1970 as the first western European brand winning a tender at the newly established Hungarocamion. Volvo Trucks started to serve the Hungarian customers directly through its own subsidiary in 1999 when they moved to the previous Hungarocamion site in Budapest connected to another won tender and has to present a continued strong partnership with its successor Waberer’s.”

Volvo Trucks' developments are focusing on researching the possibilities of sustainable road transport and developing alternatives. The demand for road transportation and the quantity of goods carried is increasing year by year; on the other hand, manufacturers have to find solutions to reduce the environmental impact. As a possible response to these challenges, Volvo Trucks has developed and demonstrated a technology called platooning. The smart technology built into the vehicles allows the trucks to constantly communicate with each other and the movement of the first vehicle to be followed by those behind it at the same time, without any waste of time: e.g. brake, accelerate, and change direction. For this, drivers sitting in trailing tractors do not need to intervene; they just check the indicators on the dashboard. The first road test of this technology and its presentation to the press took place in 2017 in Hungary, by Volvo Hungária Kft. The 3- member truck convoy started in normal road traffic on the M1 and then the M85 motorway, starting from Volvo Trucks' Lébény workshop. Only the driver of the first Volvo Truck combining "driving", i.e. accelerating, braking or changing lanes, and the other two trucks followed without the intervention of their drivers.

The main purpose of platooning development is to make road transportation safer and more efficient, to use less fuel, and to reduce emissions, such as CO2.

Platooning is only one of the sustainability alternatives offered by Volvo Trucks that can provide a solution to certain transport challenges.

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