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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of sealing solutions. Over the past 50 years we’ve developed a portfolio of seals and bearings that can meet the most demanding industry-specific needs. Innovation is one of Trelleborg’s core values and we aim to proactively apply innovative thinking in everything we do.

By doing so, we can continuously pioneer developments that create competitive advantage. Our ambition is to think differently, in a new and creative manner on a daily basis with a focus on innovations that not only encompass products and functions but also process, applications and service.

At Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, our innovation activities concentrate on creating solutions and applications in close cooperation with and to meet the changing needs of our customers.

An example would be the high-velocity rotary seals developed by our product development engineers to meet electric car manufacturer demands. The HiSpin® PDR RT and the HiSpin® HS40 seals make a significant step in overcoming issues related to sealing in extreme conditions at high rotary speeds. This next-generation sealing technology enables electric cars to meet the ultimate goal of travelling the same distance as a gasoline vehicle on one charge.