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LINDAB innovations are characterized by reliability and outstanding quality. Founded over 60 years ago, the Swedish-based company is playing a significant role in both the HVAC and building products market. In Hungary, Lindab Kft has been present since 1991 being a market leader throughout. Lindab has successfully introduced a roof cover steel plates in our home country to such extent that in common speech roofs made from steel plates are referred to only as Lindab roofs.

In addition to roofing material, roof drainage system are also produced in the factory at Biatorbágy, which is one of the most widely known products among the general public. For industrial users, our steel-structure buildings meet the widest range of requirements. Ducts, air handling units, and other accessories of the ventilation systems are not only installed in the most prestigious office buildings, shopping centres and factories, but also provide perfect solution for hospitals to deliver clean air.

Lindab takes responsibility with its products for promoting sustainable development, therefore energy efficiency and reduced resource use are one of the focal points in manufacturing.

Through continuous innovation, Lindab develops, manufactures and markets products and systems solutions that simplify their respective construction segments and provide a better, healthier indoor climate.

Lindab’s products are characterized by complexity, high quality, clean design, easy installation, energy efficiency and high-standard service as added value.

In a spirit of environmental awareness and innovation, Lindab has shifted to the use of GreenCoat coating in the field of architectural materials, which reduces application of harmful zinc chromate by using Swedish rapeseed oil. Aluminium-zinc alloy is used to further protect basic materials, which allows thinner protective coat to be applied on steel products. The Lindab Solarroof systems - with the solar panels glued onto the steel plate surface - change the aesthetic judgement of conventional solar panels, they blend harmoniously into roof surface. Renewable energy technology is combined with the Swedish minimalist style in this new product, which shows a new way for both design and solar panels.

Lindab's ventilation solutions are improved at our development centres in the Nordic countries to ensure that systems and products meet the highest demands. As a result of continuous improvement, our solutions deliver high-efficiency heat recovery and technology that facilitates the development of healthy working and living environments.

The revolutionary Ultralink technology ensures control and operation of ventilation systems with minimal energy consumption. The ultrasonic sensor measures air flow, air speed and air temperature with high precision and no pressure drop, which can be controlled from mobile phone by UltraLink App.

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