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SCCH Golf 2011 - They are all ”winners” !

On Saturday, the 1st of October, under a clear sky and in bright sunshine, the SCCH Annual Golf Tournament was held at the nice “Old Lake Golf Club”, in Tata.

This was the 16th SCCH competition in a row , in combination with the “Two in one – Nordic Golf Tournament”, organized in cooperation with the Finnish Business Guild, for the 4th time.

Nearly 20 players, from 4 nations (Sweden, Hungary, Finland and Estonia) were struggling for almost 5 hours in the unexpected autumn heat.

The players in the SCCH team had to fight for defending the triumph from last year, when Leif Andersson (Sweden/Guest) conquered the trophy of the Nordic Championship.

However, this year we had to face the defeat when Pekka Markkanen (Finland) won back the glorious title “Nordic Champion”, to the Finn´s.

Severi Savolainen (Finland) won the price for “Longest drive”, on hole 15, (171 m) and Tamás Gönczi (SCCH) for “Nearest to pin”, on hole 8, (3,1 m).

Attila Vass (Electrolux) did it again !, by winning the 16th SCCH Golf Tournament he can call himself “SCCH Champion 2011”and Attila is now the first SCCH player to win the present “Challenge Throphy” for the 2nd time. “Only one more win to go and the trophy is yours, Attila!”

As 2nd “winner”, we congratulate Gunnar Sjökvist (Ericsson) as well as the 3rd “winner”, Leif Andersson (Sweden/Guest). In the ladies competition, we pay tribute to Monica Doverhagen (Sweden /Guest), as “1st Lady” of the competition. Below you will find the list of all “winners” of the “16th SCCH Golf Championship 2011”.

On behalf of the organizers we thank you all for participating in this year´s tournament and we look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Congratulations - You are all winners ! (See attached photos)


1. Attila Vass, “SCCH Champion 2011”
2. Gunnar Sjökvist
3. Leif Andersson
4. Daniel Jonsson
5. Tamás Gönczi
6. Rikard Jonsson (not completed)


1. Monica Doverhagen, “SCCH 1st Lady 2011”


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The Commander Dignity of the Swedish Royal Order of the Polar Star awarded to János Takács

The King of Sweden, His Majesty Karl XVI Gustav awarded Mr. János Takács, Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Lehel, the Commander dignity of the Royal Order of the Polar Star. Her Excellency, Ms Cecilia Björner, the Ambassador of Sweden to Hungary, bestowed the title on Mr. Takács.

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Foreign Minister Péter Balazs and Ambassador Cecilia Björner, "guest speakers" on SCCH 2nd General Meeting, 2009

On November 19th, the SCCH 2nd General Meeting 2009, was held in the St.Orban Wine Cellar of Rest. Gundel. The members were given information on the financial outcome of the Chamber activities, for the first 9 month, as well as the forecast for the whole year of 2009.

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SCCH Golf Tournament 2009 - Grand Slam for Gunnar Sjökvist, Ericsson.

The SCCH annual Golf Tournament was organised for the 14th time in a row, on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. Like last year, the "SCCH Championship" was organised in cooperation with, the "Finnish Business Tournament" as a "2 in 1" Nordic tournament and championship, at the Pannon Golf & Country Club (Máriavölgy).

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The SCCH - Raoul Wallenberg Foundation Assembly

On Wednesday, the 27th of May, the “Raoul Wallenberg Foundation” had its annual celebration in the “Raoul Wallenberg Vocational and Secondary Grammar School for Humane Studies”, in presence of the Swedish Ambassador to Hungary, Ms. Cecilia Björner and the Principal of the Wallenberg School, Dr. Kovácsné Dr. Papp Mária.

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SCCH May Business Luncheon - 2009.05.21.

Venue: Winter Garden of Restaurant Gundel
Guest Speaker: Prof. Attila Chikan, Former Minister of Economic Affairs
Subject: “Economic crises and prospects in Hungary"

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SCCH 1st General Meeting - 2009.04.23.

Venue: St.Orban Wine Cellar of Restaurant Gundel

Guest Speaker: Mr. András Inotai, Director of Institute for World Economics of HAS
Subject: “Views on global, European and bilateral economic issues in a critical period of international economic developments."

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SCCH March Business Luncheon - 2009.03.25.

Venue: St.Orban Wine Cellar of Restaurant Gundel
Guest Speakers: Ms. Noemi Alexa, Managing Director of Transparency International,
Subject: “Corruption and its impact on Business”
and Mr. Csaba László, Partner – Managing Partner of KPMG Advisory Ltd.,
Subject: “The systemic circumstances of corruption in Hungary, from his special viewpoint”

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