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19.02.2015 SCCH Business Luncheon

Venue: Gundel  Restaurant (Gundel Károly út 4. 1146 Budapest)
Date&Time: Thursday, the 19th of February, at 11.00 hrs

Guest-speakers: Mr. Márton Juhász, Gran Prize Winner 2014 and Mr. Zsolt Weiszbart, Managing Director at IFS Hungary, our Member

The photos of the event are are available in the Gallery and on Facebook

Dear Members,

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to its Business Luncheon with guest-speakers:

 Mr. Márton Juhász,  Gran Prize Winner 2014


Mr. Zsolt Weiszbart, Managing Director at IFS Hungary,  our  Member

on Thursday, the 19th of February, at 11.00 hrs


Gundel  Restaurant (Gundel Károly út 4. 1146 Budapest)

      The event is a great opportunity to meet our Members and share your thoughts and experiences.

The event will be held in English.


The participation fee: HUF 7.500 (VAT included)

Venue: Gundel Restaurant  (1146 Budapest, Gundel Károly street 4.)

Date: 19th February 2015 (11:00 – 14:00pm)

We are very welcomed by your thoughts, questions connected to the topic of innovation .

To guarantee your seat, please register by 14h February, 2015 via e-mail at .

Please mark name and position of the participant, the company’s billing address or reference to your membership.

Written cancellations are accepted by 14 h February Late cancellations and “no-shows” will be charged.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the event!

The Gran Prize  Board this year selected the winner of the prize without any doubt, given GYROSET satisfies all criteria of the AWARD.

The Board of Judges shortlisted  4 applications, but Márton Juhász and his team’s  concern for our society, stressing the need to take a bigger picture by integrating various scientific disciplines. GYROSET has shown that it is possible to combine various disciplines with being socially engaged and concerned with issues as human rights.

Mr. Márton got his Master degree as Biologist  at the University of Science in Szeged, Post master further specialization degree as Molecular biologist at the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Márton Juhász

“Márton is the founder and CTO of NowTechnologies the company behind Gyroset. He managed to raise over 100 million HUF from Day One Capital to turn his idea into a product and help millions of people to have a better life.”

Mr. Juhász begin his research career as Researcher  in 2007 at the  Hungarian Academy of Science working on  Spectrometric analysis of post-translational modifications of proteins.

In 2008 and 2009 he became a Senior Researcher  at Beike Biotechnology Hungary working on Stem cell based experiments on neurocybernetic technologies.

Then continued as Lecturer  of Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest working on Embedded electronics in interactive media installations.

In 2009. became Assistant professor at  Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest at Faculties of biochemistry , biotechnology , bioinformatics.

Then continued as the Director of  Fabrication Laboratory, Budapest and established and managed the first open community workshop in the region. In the same time, he became the Supervisor of Art and Technology in 2009 at KIBU, Kitchen Budapest is a medialab focusing on convergence of mobile devices, urban spaces and social media.

His intellectual journey has taken him to inventing several valuable patents and lectures.

Current invention , GYROSET will improve the quality of life  for spinal cord injured people, their families and friends.

The Board of Judges came to the point of HEURÉKA, we have the WINNER very quickly and homogenously. They were admired and impressed by GYROSET who enables many tetraplegic users to live a much more independent, fuller life. It is impressive how GYROSET headset measures the position of the users head, enabling tetraplegic individuals to control their wheelchairs with head movements in an intuitive manner, providing freedom and ease of usage. It is also very impressive that GYROSET has integrated services like wireless environment control, speech synthesis, gesture recognition and voice based web browsing.

It possesses remote management of the wheelchair functions from a smartphone.

Zsolt Weiszbart

“Zsolt Weiszbart is the Managing Director of IFS in Hungary, having over 12 years of experience working with enterprise software in Europe. Zsolt has been working with tech startups since his return to Budapest after finishing his studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2010. He is the cofounder of Valley Connect – one of the first seed investment programs in Hungary. His notable past investments include Distinction (acquired in 2014 by Skyscanner) and  NowTechnologies (receiving follow-up investment from Day One Capital). Traveling between Hungary and Silicon Valley, Zsolt also helped to bring to Budapest the Singularity University Global Impact Competition, and worked closely with White Summers at the opening of the law firm’s Budapest office. His latest venture White Summers Cofounder program will be launched in March.   Zsolt is a graduate of Pécs University, he also has an MBA from Ohio University and a Masters in Management from Stanford University.”

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