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Job Market

Dear Visitors!

Our primary purpose with this page is to provide an “online job market” where Swedish employers and potential employees can meet!

Dear Swedish Company/Job Seeker!
If you are looking for new colleagues/ a new job you can send the advertisement/ motivation letter with your CV in English and we will publish it within 24 hours.

Please send your request to The advertisements are out for two months and can be found under Archive folder for another two months. The service is free of charge.

If you find your employer or employee with the help of this service, please be so kind and inform us, so that we have some feedback how successful the JOB MARKET is.

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A Hungarian/Swede looking for a new assignment

I am an experienced Hungarian/Swedish sales, marketing and business development expert who have spent many years in Swedish and French organizations in various leadership roles. Today I am acting as an independent headhunter and organizational development consultant and open for new assignments either in a permanent or interim role. Please, have a look at the summary of my resume and If You think You could benefit from my experience, I would love to stay at Your disposal for further discussions.

Magyarosy Gábor is looking for a job

Specialized fields: Managing the company, restructuring the company in order to find the best structure, opening foreign markets, launching new products, developing new products, knowledge of Direct Marketing, building strategies, Financial yearly budget planning, Media planning, Online marketing, Telemarketing, Database management / B2C/ B2B; ATL and BTL campaigns, supporting GDPR implementation

Are you looking for help in building business relations between Hungary and Sweden?


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